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Sweet Jesus. Went dow nto meet up with the Thick Clique Cartel saturday before heading to the Booker T Jones show downtown. I was the last to arrive cuz I live the farthest away but when we linked up it was good times guaranteed. I greeted everyone and we had a quick round of small talk before we all got dressed and headed out. 

It was Thunder Over Louisville weekend which meant, hella police, hella street closures, and hella traffic. We got turned around and redirected several times but finally made it to the concert lit-truly on the second to last song but luckily for us he did a hellafied encore for over 30 minutes so it was like we didnt miss a thing! There was comedy to be had at every turn and I wish I had a sober enough mind to remember it all lol.

I saw my homie Sydney who gave me the tickets and I introduced her to the clique and we talked for a minute and she made mention of booking me and some of the homies here for a show later on down the line :) :) :) :) 

After our brief chat she mentioned the afterparty which was literally right down the street from the venue and next to a strip club i was 99% sure I had been to before. We had to pregame before the party so we lissened to 2 Chainz in the parking lot whilst my sister and cousin turnt up like two freaks in the parking lot. They got he attention of other cars stuck in traffic tryin to leave Thunder so they felt extra ratchet.

We rolled into the afterparty and started to mingle and order drinks, my friend Sydney started making song requests and dancing and we joined in with her. I cant front Sydney got some moves! We danced for a minute then a couple of us wanted to take a smoke break but couldnt find a spot due to all the police. Well Sydney talked her friend into lettin us smoke in her car. Fucking alsome. So this chick jus opens up her car to us and leaves us alone! She didnt know us for shit but was that cool that she let us blow down in the back of her whip, with no tints, no more than 30ft away from cops who were more than likely lookin right at us. Fuck it. Its Thunder.

After smokin up a sweat we hopped out the whip and linked back up with the rest of the clique outside the bar. Minutes later, we see two prostitutes haulin ass from a pimp who brought em to the bar. Funniest shit I ever seen in my life. Them hoes was GONE!!!! Needless to say the pimp was butthurt over this. Fast forward sometime later and we saw the same hoes in front of a fancy hotel, they was gaspin for air and lookin outta shape haha.

We went inside, danced a congo line around my timid ass cousin who actually came the fuck out of his shell that night and it was alsome, saw a burlesque show playin on the projection screen, and witnessed a dude named Miguel dance the shit outta some salsa music, and saw my sister get approached by some hilarious drunk guy before we said our goodbye’s and headed out.

My timid cousin had been texting a local celebrity we follow on twitter and we linked up with her before headin home. She lived a street over so it wasnt far to go and when we got there the comedy started asap. We laughed, talked, told stories and just had a good ass time.

We hugged it out and she walked us back downstairs and we left. We had a fuckin amazing night with so many good memories we had to cap it off with a bad decision: WAFFLE HOUSE. We rolled up and got a table just ass these precious white angels in booty shorts wearin and me nad my cousin saw their tan ass cheeks hangin out. It was a beautiful site. 

We mashed our food then went back to my sisters crib and attempted to watch tv but we passed out. The next morning we got up and went to whole foods and got some yummy snacks and came back and watched tv, played cards, and listened to music. We hugged it out before hitten the highway and said our goodbye’s. Fucking epic weekend. I even dressed like an adult for once.

Well, to say lass night was alsome was an understatement haha. I hit up a friend of mine’s album release party on Main St which is a popular area in downtown Cincy which I frequent a lot and I was very surprised that let my homie Citoak get an aspot on  Friday night. That was a good look. 

I parked in my usual duck off alley and made my way onto Main St walkin through the crowds of people to get to The Drinkery. The first person I ran into was my homie Sharp One of the opening act Raised by Wolves. I dapped him up and talked for a minute then said wsup to the main of the hour Citoak. 

Due to technical difficulties the show got started kinda late but it was still dope regardless. The music was dope, the crowd was nice, the vibe was chill, I loved it. People walkin by on the streets were stoppin to dance to the music and bob their head it was crazy.

Saw my lil homie Eugenius who I wrote a verse for with his lovely girlfriend also, as well. We chopped it up for a minute and shared some laughs. I kicked it for a few more acts, finished my water, and made my way out. As I was walkin down Main St back towards the whip I saw a group of Japanese people walking into a bar called Japps not too far from The Drinkery. I saw it and I made a “get the fuck outta here” face cuz it was a mind fuck of epic proportions lol. I laughed at that shit for a good lil minute.

My second spot wasnt too far from there, just a few minutes away in a shitty area of over the rhine. I pulled up not too far from the door which was ultra convenient and I started to walk in. As soon as I get to the door I saw my friend Mellkat who is a roller derby homie of mine who I actually first met at the same event lass month. We hugged it out and ended up takin a picture together later on.

I walked in and immediately made my ways towards the front and started to tap my foot to the beat to try and feel it out but it wasnt long before the boogey broke out of me. As I danced Mellkat introduced me to another roller derby girl named Katie and she was hangin with a gurhl I met before names Hannah. Hannah rolls wit a chick named Amber and they look very similar when you put the two together but separate Hannah got her own look to her.

As the night went on somebody was tryin to holler at Katie so not to cock block Hannah came over and danced with me whilst her homegurhl tried to get her groove on. As we danced we began to talk and holy shit did this gurhl impress. She moved here from Philly, goes to the DAAP School for performing arts and is big into social issue such as racisim and gentrification. She’s doing a performance art piece for her school about the racial divides in Cincinnati and I thought that was very dope. 

As the convo went on, I found out tho she’s a pale chick with glasses, she’s a cuban and puerto rican mix. I knew there had to be an explanation for them full ass lips lol. Plus she’s covered from head to tattoo in beautiful pin up style tattoo’s. Love that shit. We talked for a little while longer and then Katie became available and they began to dance again.

I danced with Mellkat a lil bit then danced by myself before gettin ready to head out. They gave away free goodies for comin out and I walked away with a free soul cd, what the what!!!! My confidence was on full display tonight, i was able to talk to people and not freeze up. I was funny as shit and shit jus kept comin in my head to say as I talk to people. I crushed it. Tonight me and my cousins is gonna do the same thing!


Jus realized I have not been out at all this week, bar/club wise that is. Tonight will be the first. Im hittin an album release party for a friend of mine and then hittin a motown dance party PROMPTLY after.

Its been a slow week actually. I chilled at the crib and watched movies and tv shows most of the week, I went to the movies Wednesday night to see Grand Budapest Hotel again cuz it was $5 matinee all day so I went to the late show and peeped that. I been writing at work so I can chill more at home and be lazy which is awesome.

Its been nice all week so I went to the nature park behind my house twice for a walk and some fresh air, also alsome. Got my first letter from my penpal Monday and that filled me with enormous amounts of glee. Write her back and sending that off today on my lunch break, woot x2!!!

My friends wife came into work with their precious newborn bay bay as she calls her. I giggled literally the entire time she here until I left for lunch. babies make me laugh yo. I got tickets to a concert in Louisville tomorrow so Im treatin my thick ass cousins to a show and the afterparty tomorrow night which is also a vinyl soul party so were gonna know all the old school jams and dance our asses off.

So Saturday was a night of firsts lol. I was havin a chitty day at work and didnt feel like doin shit but I promised some friends I would go see their shows and then promised my neighbors Id stop by for a birthday celebration.

I took a nap, rolled up, got fresh and went to the kick wit wit the homies. No sooner than I got there my phone went off, it was this cute chick who’s friends wit the homies askin if I was gonna be at the shindig. I texted her back “Im already here!” This jus made my night!

I have had the hots for this chick since I first laid eyes on her but she had a chitty bf. Well they since broke up and we started to talk but nothin came of it, come ot find out the chitty boyfriend was still in the picture. Well as of tonight he was officially gone and she was comin over to celebrate :)

I had planned on goin somewhere after the party but fuuuuck that shit! I wa posteeeeed! haha. So I hung out and did my thang til she arrived, I was in the living room taking a break from Just Dance and I saw her walk in and head to the kitchen, I eventually made my way there, she on one side, I on the other chatting with a mutual friend and BOOM! She pops up and said “waaaasup!” So it begins..

We made idle chit chat throughout the night, not full on convos but small talk for a minute of two and then I could kinda freeze up lol. One of my homies who I message on facebook to see if he was comin showed up because I wanted to pick his brain about the ladies(cuz they damn near fall at his feet!) and lo and behold him and ole gurhl began to chit chat. I noticed his confidence and how he was jus able to say the right things to get her to open up and be vocal and make her laugh and shit and I was like daaaayum! Why cant I do that!

For a minute I was worried he might take her home but was like “eh, if its meant ot be its meant to be.” So we all hung out in the kitchen, she was sitten by me and ordered the kitchen to take shots, including me and I dont drink but I was like you know what? Im gonna take a shot! And I took a shot of Fireball which wasnt bad at all, it jus led to way more shots lol.

Whilst were takin shots we have the tv on and the basketball game had just went off so they changed the channel and decided to leave it on the AVN awards aka the porn awards. So im sittin here, watchin porn, standin next to a gurhl Im nuts about, with a recording breaking erection, trying to make convo. Nice.

Needless to say I didnt really say much to her expect little bits and pieces of things here and there, all the while my homie was crushin it, jus oozin swag and confidence and chattin her up whilst Im feelin awkward as shit tryin not to be intrusive on their convo.

Around 3am I was like alright, I havent made a move, Ive pretty much blown it, Im jus gonna give it up to the better man and call it a night. I hug everybody who hasnt passed out, including ole gurhl, we exchange one lass bit of small talk, she mentions she has to drive all the way out to where she lives, she asks me how far away I stay, I tell her, I casually ask her if she  would like me ot walk her our she said nah thats ok, I say bye and thats that.

I go out to my car and let it warm up whilst I scrape some ice off the windshield and I hear her and the homie walkin out together and all I can say is “that coulda been you…”

I get to my complex and begin to ridicule and sulk in the car for a few minutes like the trues of players. I shrug that shit off and walk inside to do some indoor sulking and smoke myself into a coma and forget how much of a failure I am wit the ladies. And then my phone vibrates. Its her.

At damn near 4am we begin to chit chat and I say fuck it, tell her how your lame ass feels. So i proceed to ell her how awesome I think she is and how shitty I am at face to face convos wit gurhls Im actually interested in an she tells me its no problem she’s shy too, BIG SIGH OF RELIEF!!! I jus assume all super sessi chicks are confident but apparently thats not the case lol.

We chat for a time and i end up passing out but we continue to text into the next day and we end up sharing music and talking about music for a while before she headed out for a photo shoot.

Fucking bad ass. If gonna try and not fuck this up cuz I think I might could pull this off since I can actually converse through text with her somewhat and maybe actually be more verbal when I see her in person again.

The homies asked me to dd last night and offered to buy me food at a messican ressaurant and I was down wit that. I got to drive there new minivan which was alsome. We met some other friends down there so we were like 10 deep in this place eatin and havin a good time. I got to have some good conversations with my friends and I paid important attention to what they were saying because Im trying to do better in social settings are far as conversation goes and voicing my input and not being the mute at the table. So i got good practice there and tried to be as involved as possible.

We went to a bar not too far from the ressaurant to see my friends play and I got to join then on stage for a song later that night. The band playing before them, Saturn Batteries, I met the lead singer lass Monday and his name is Brad and he remembered me and we had a good conversation about hip hop and I managed to stay present and not zone out during the convo. I also found out we are playing the same venue next month, him on friday and me on saturday.

I was introduced to a singer from another band by some friends and when they all were talking until my homies had to get ready to perform. So then it was just me and the gurhl at the table and I realized I wasnt saying shit so I started to make small talk. We chatted for a few minutes and then we both went our separate ways.

I went and joined some of my friends in the back who were having a discussion and I listened in because my friend was in a situation that I found intriguing and I wanted to pick his brain but I also wanted to just lissen in and let him vent. It was good to lissen, my other friends gave input and things like that I just wanted to lissen to him and see how he was able to talk so well and date women and be so confident and shit cuz those are things I want to be able to do for myself. 

After the whole party was said and done I got the homies home safe n sound and I retired myself cuz I had to work today. I was proud of myself for actually being involved and engaging and conversational, it was fun being part of a group of cool people and people thinking im cool as well. Very relieving. Im getting better, just gotta practice more and keep trying. Ill get where i want to be soon.

Went to an intense yoga class lass night. My OMie told me about it and I was like Im down. It was above a chinese restaurant in an empty apartment but they had lights strung up and these balls that had lights in em that hung from the ceiling, very ill.

We got there late due to traffic but we still got over an hours worth of yoga in. They had me doin poses I never did before, it was fast paced and I didnt know what some of the sanskrit terms for the poses were but i jus followed along with everyone else and it was cool.

My friend knew the teacher so she introduced me and she started asking me about yoga and I told her how long Id been practicing and what types of poses I do etc. She was really soft spoken and nice.

Class had me feeling all relaxed and gooey so afterwards we went back to the kitchen and jammed to some old school music, talked for a while and ate some good fruit. I started to get tired after all the yoga and boggeying and I decided to hug it out and go home.

My friends are the best friends ever and they show me such a good time everytime Im around which makes me love em even more.

My homie Ri hit me up yesterday because she had to turn in a promo photo for the Fringe Festival we were doin and needed to link up. I met her at a bar called The Chameleon which many of my friends have done shows at and Ill be performing there for the first time next Friday.

I got there shortly after 9pm and saw a Annie Lennox lookin chick at the bar, I already knew who that was, it was my homie Abiyah who I performed with the other night and is the queen of Cincy hip hop. I snuck up next to her and said hi and we gabbed until Ri got there.

Ri and her boyfriend Jack showed up and we all hugged and said hi and she introduced me to some people and I introduced her to some people. I even knew the bartender because she frequents dance parties and Ive seen her at a couple of em and she actually came to a couple of my shows at The Comet!

Tuesdays at The Chameleon they have local dj’s and musicans play and I got to meet some of them and made friends. During the course of the jammin this thick chick was tryin to be all sexy on a pool table and did a Peter Griffin face plant and I cut the fuck up lol.

I hung out and did the photo for Ri and danced to some old school hip hop until a familiar sound graced my ears, it was my “Hey Fella!” song! I look up and it was playin on tv, I was like whaaaaaaat!!!! Then people in the bar started jammin to it, it was amaze!!!! People were comin up to me tellin me they liked the video and thought it was funny, lol made my night! 

Had a gig in Louisville lass night so I went down to visit the rents early that day. They were atchurch when I got there so I managed to get in a lil bendy-bendy-stretch-stretch and meditation with the quiet time.

I was downstairs when I heard the door open expecting the rent but to ,y surprise sissy poo showed up to take me to my granny’s house where everybody was at. Tho as we were leaving we saw our parents comin down the street so we pulled back into the driveway as my sisters phone rang.

It was my mother informing us we had a special guest, a chick who we hadnt seen since we were in elementary school named Alexis. We said hi to her and followed her into the house and I just happened to glance up as she was walkin to notice the got damn monstrous ass she brought wit her. Was not expecting that.

We came inside and began to small talk with her and were later joined by our cousins CJ and Sha. We all hung out in the kitchen and ate lunch before going over to my grannys house to visit before my show. Then we headed back to the rents so I could change clothes and shower before hittin the highway.

Once in Louisville the cousins and I found the venue and met with other artists before the show. Lamanda and Aleexis met us up there as well as Dat Boi Dunn to perform a song with me. The show went great and we all had a good time and laughed our asses off during the course of the evening. The guys in one of the groups asked if I wanted to do an encore performance at another venue that night and I said hell yeah! So we slid over to Cahoots to do an impromptu performance.

That shit was hella fun, we all performed again, hung out, ate some of the best bar food ever, saw a guy with one eye that freaked everybody out, saw the craziest dancin white dude ever, and found out Alexis is a narcoleptic. I went on around 130ish and dipped after my performance cuz I was boosie faded and could barely function.

We made it in around 4am after droppin Alexis off. I passed out stone cold as soon as I hit the bed. The next day I got up and went back to Louisville to hang with sissy poo again and go thrift shoppin and I got some dress shirts and dress shoes and 2 vests for the lowski. Then to our surprise we found out Grand Budapest Hotel was playin in a small theater and we had to hit that! And I was so glad we did cuz it was fuckin amazing! Wes Anderson always comes through with a dope film that gives me chills and leaves me feeling all bubbly inside and this one was no different. I honestly cant remember taking my eyes off the screen let alone blinking lol.

Sissy po dropped me off at my car afterwards and I hit the highway heading home. Fucking great way to end a weekend and start a week yo.

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